JXL gave life to the premium Q design through the lens of an epicurean consumer - something that was elevated and authentic towards the better ingredients and simplicity of the product. Our goal was to bring a colorful awareness to these mixers, leveraging a visual and verbal identity that causes a ripple in a generally lackluster category of tonic waters, often overshadowed by the spirits themselves. The end result bursts with approachability. This wall of color creates a brand presence one might expect in the beer or soda aisle and brings new life amongst some of the older, tired classics. A bold brand personality, stronger ingredient story and user education live on each side of the pack, supported with modern iconography and illustration styles.

The Exploration

The Q exploration incorporated a mild facelift to the brand logo. By straightening the posture of the ‘Q’ mark and thickening its lines, it becomes a less delicate yet familiar interpretation that matches the energy of the updated color palette. Compared to the previous packaging, the color families were updated to a modern, 2-tone palette featuring brighter warms, richer cools, and accenting with black and white.

Identity & Color

Q Mixers boasts 14+ flavors and 60+ individual SKUs. Throughout the artworking process, JXL worked with its design team, copywriters and the brand to ensure total visual and tonal consistency across each package. The mechanical process involved various test prints and color matching to ensure the exact impression we were looking to make on-shelf.

The Rollout

3D Render was essential during the sales process leading up to launch. JXL had executed a 300+ piece render library to support the brand sales and ecomm initiatives. Through 3D imaging, prospective partners experienced the finished product design and could visualize any custom packaging tweaks before placing their commitment. Lifestyle compositions and animations later also emerged to add dynamism, consistency and versatility to the Q web and social pages. 

Cinema 4D Visualization

Visual consistency was carried across all sales and marketing materials to create credibility and interest in the refreshed brand. Pitch decks, individual sell sheets, seasonal imagery, and educational presentations were all developed under the brand codes stemming from our packaging exploration. to the Q web and social pages.


In showing the world where Q Mixers has evolved, JXL is able to support organic and paid social through 3D Rendered product imagery, animated GIFs, carousels and lifestyle photography.


Digital, Web & Photography

In evolving the website to launch our fresh look, JXL also partook in generating the front-end web design, applying the updated color, type and graphic aesthetic with ADA compliance. We were able to incorporate a combination of photos, renders and digital composites to supplement all product and recipe pages.

 JXL produced a full brand shoot in August 2023 to unveil the new packaging design and explore a refreshed visual personality for the brand - compositions that were unexpected and slightly quirky yet refined and amongst the finer things. Here we highlighted the 5 core SKUs to support the big launch via web, social and sales channels.


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